How could one miss another coldest and sound Katpana Desert of the Skardu district in Gilgit-Baltistan? According to the residents of the area, the place is also known as BiamaNapko, for being located at a high altitude of 2226 m above sea level. This is the largest area covered by the desert for exclusively covering only the Pakistan-territory near the Skardu Airport.

Katpana Desert is thought by travelers as a landmark of reaching the destination of Skardu, as viewed from above on a plane.It also shares a significant position in the hearts of tourists for its staggering features.

Temperature? How cold?

Temperatures range from a maximum of 27C and a minimum of 8C, which can drop further to below −17 °Cin December and January. The temperature very oftendrops as low as −25C.

Hotels for stays in Katpana Desert?

At katpana, you will find many hotels, guest houses, and resorts offering many activities to make your trip ever-memorable ever. The hotels arrange Bonefire, live BBQ of the cultural hunted meat of the area. You will find the most beautiful frizz of Katpana lake that flows nearby the desert. The sound of the water is so calm and soothes you into the perfect meditation mode, you are wanting after the tireless day.  Other than this, there is the continental variety on the menu too.