The name “Skardu” is believed to be delivered from the Balti word meaning ‘a low land between two high places’. The high places are Sat para & Kachura Lake. This place leads the tourists towards legendry destination covered by greatest mountain peaks. Skardu is the land of best manifestation of hospitality and respect. People of Skardu can speak English & Urdu however their mother tongue is Balti and hence are called ‘Balti’. Few of the most famous sights of the region include


Kharpocho Fort, Manthal Rock (Buddha Rock), Satpara & Kachura Lake and exquisite Shangrila Lake. In addition, the Chunda Valley, Basho Bilamik are also some beautiful spots to be visited. The region is the amalgamation of Cold desert of Katpana, Sundus & Dunes (The Cold Desert) and milky water stream of Hargisa.