Why you should visit Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most underrated travel destinations for a variety of reasons. Not without its’ problems, Pakistan is known for having a complex and complicated history since it was established in 1947. For that reason I would personally recommend a guided tour for your first visit, though have no reason not to encourage a solo journey given my own experience.

For the sake of clarity, travelling solo (and in particular as a female) in the likes of Bali or Bangkok is very different to travelling solo in Pakistan. If you are new to solo travel I would suggest gaining experience in countries more populated by tourists and indeed, with a more developed approach toward tourism and foreign visitors.

Because I didn’t travel through Pakistan as a solo female, I would suggest reading this post by The Broke Backpacker for further information and clarity given her thorough documentation on the topic (and brilliant coverage of Pakistan!)

The word "gang" in the Balti language means "glacier", and '"che" is
used as a superlative term to indicate "an abundance". Therefore
Ghangche is one of the high-altitude districts of Gilgit-Baltistan,
Pakistan. ‘Khaplu’ is the administrative capital of Ghanche district.

Distance of Ghanche from Skardu:
The distance of Ghanche from Skardu is 103 km. You can board local
transport or rent a car from Skardu, As you pass by several herds of
sheep and after crossing the bridge at River Indus, one finally enters

The weather of Ghanche is col and usually 13C. The ideal time to visit
the Ghanche district is from July to September as the weather is

Places to Visit in Ghanche
Ghanche valley is home to some of the highest peaks on earth which
are Masherbrum, Sia kangri, Saltoro Kangri, K7, K6, Laila Peak, Naiza
peak, and Amin Braq. Hushe valley is a hub of adventure tourism in
Baltistan. Other top attractions are:
– Khaplu Fort
– Ghanche Lake
– Chaqchan Mosque
– Hushe Valley
– Nangma Valley

– Thalley Valley
– Hot Springs of Kondus Valley
– Kharfaq Lake
– Thoksi Kar
The places are excellent for trekking whereas Khaplu Fort enjoys
the significance of being the historic place in the district.

Khaplu Fort/ Palace
This beautiful fort, with the deep history associated with it, is now a
part of the Serena Hotel. Not only do you get to stay in the fort as a
valued guest, but you can also visit their museum section, and learn
more about its history- brilliant!

Food in Ghanche
Ghanche is famous for its apricots, peaches, cherries, apples, and pears.
The whole valley is full of fruit trees. Apricots are a more common fruit
tree and source of income in this district.
Furthermore, boiled potatoes, milk, lassi, Yak’s meat, are the most
famous cuisine of this district.

Hotels in Ghanche
Hotels in Ghanche are very reasonable and affordable. For availability,
you can contact on tourist place helpline number 1422 allocated for
tourists in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Transport in Ghanche

The feasibility of having a private car or cabin provided by the
management is also admirable. Just in emergency cases or medical
assistance, immediate transport may be provided.
The place is really friendly, natural, and far from the world's hustle-
bustle. A perfect palace for a relaxing vacation awaits you in the
gigantic Karakoram range of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The authorities deserve kudos who are consistently working on
preserving the historic value of Ghanche for future generations to learn
from. A little help from our side would do a lot only if we care to keep
these valuable places clean and tidy for our future trips and tours.
And importantly, the beauty of the place is its culture, heritage, and
norms of the local, without which its charisma collapses. So, We need
to respect, follow and give its preservice ultimate importance.